Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Free Download

Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Free Download

Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Free Download
Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Free Download


Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Overview

Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Free Download. First-person shooter Battlefield Vietnam is a video game. Digital Illusions created Battlefield Vietnam, which Electronic Arts publishes. On March 14, 2004, the Battlefield Vietnam game was released. The Battlefield series’ second game is here. Battlefield Vietnam game depends on the Vietnam War and elements verifiable occasions of the Vietnam War. Compared to Battlefield 1942, the features of Battlefield Vietnam are significantly enhanced. Battlefield Vietnam a fantastic war, shooting, action, and independent game.

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The game play and goals of Struggle War are identical to those of Conflict 1942. The game play of the game is asymmetrical warfare, and both the US and Vietnam teams have been given different vehicles and kits. Heavy tanks, bombers, and helicopters are among the US’s weapons. On the other hand, anti-aircraft weapons have given the Vietnamese an advantage. The player can use a wide variety of weapons in this game. The vehicles’ own music can be used to change the music in them. The Warfare series’ first game to feature 3D maps is this one.

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With more firepower, modernized motors and weaponry, and a deeper infantry experience in jungles and beaches, this game series entered a new era. Players in this game had the option of choosing from a variety of characters within the exclusive soldier instructions. Leading a PT boat through a perilous jungle river passage, setting up an ambush of enemy squad dies in thick foliage, leading a squadron of helicopters in an all-out assault on an enemy compound, and more were all new dramatic battle scenarios that were included in the game.

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The graphics of the Combat in this PC game are impressive, and the sounds are also quite admirable. It has also included vehicles that lift air. The iconic American helicopter’s ability to skim the trees was also included. 15 new weapons based on their actual counter-components, including the exclusive navy SEAL XM22 machine gun and the exclusive M79 “Blooper” Grenade Launcher, as well as three additional vehicles from the Vietna War, propel the robust Russian T54 tank and agile US PBR “Pibber” patrol boat into war.

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Your actions will tip the balance during the most risky period in human history because you have access to exclusive weapons and equipment. Have access to as many as 20 genuine weapons. Over land, water, or in the air, control any of the more than thirty vehicles. The world-famous SAS faces off against rebel groups and insurgents as well as US Navy SEALs, Russian Spetznas, and MEC Special Forces. It also includes new vehicles like the Desert Raider, Combat ATV, and Apache Longbow. The stats and happy players have received additional medals, ribbons, and unlocks.

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Take on up to 63 of your friends online by joining the armed forces of the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, or Russia. There are four arenas where combat takes place: Africa, the South Pacific, and both Eastern and Western Europe You can hone your skills in single-player mode against AI bots or engage in epic battles with up to 64 other players on the same map. You’ll be an individual from a tip top unique powers unit that conducts incognito struggle, grouped tasks, and hazardous contentions everywhere. This is the first Warfare game to feature 3D maps.

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Play as USA, China or MEC assuming command over an enormous number of vehicles including jets, helicopters, boats, jeeps, APC’s and, surprisingly, the USS Essex. As commandant utilize having the option to see all that is occurring on the war zone with scanners and UPV’s as well as aiding your military out with supply drops and crash masses of foe troops with a very much pointed big guns strike. Be a team player and lead your team to victory by gaining ground and capturing flags all over the map, or form squads and work together.

Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game Features

First-person shooter game that impresses.
Based on a Vietnam War video game.
Features warfare game play that is asymmetrical.
Introduced a wide range of weapons.
Vehicles that lift air were introduced.
The first game in the series to make use of 3D maps.
Amazing graphics.
Sounds worthy of praise.

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Battlefield Vietnam 1 PC Game System Requirements

Operating System: Windows XP /  Vista /  7
CPU: Intel Pentium III or later.
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Disk Space: 3 GB


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