WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Full Setup

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Full Setup

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Full Setup
WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Full Setup

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Introduction

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Full Setup. WWE 2K18 is a professional wrestling video game developed in collaboration between Yuke’s and Visual Concepts, published by 2K Sports. The game was released in October 2017 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is the 19th title in the series of WWE games and follows up from WWE 2K17. The game has a massive fan base and is the first time the fan-favorite franchise makes a reappearance on the PC platform,

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Featuring an immersive wrestling experience emanating from WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). With stunning graphics, lighting, and photorealistic character models, a massive roster, and a long list of game modes, WWE 2K18 presents an eclectic mix of simulation and arcade-style gameplay that captures both the hard-core wrestling community and casual game lovers.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Description

WWE 2K18 is hard at work creating one of the most realistic and exciting wrestling simulation games. With a huge roster of WWE superstars, Legends, and Hall of Famers, including favorites from NXT, singles matches, tag team bouts, Royal Rumble events, and much moreā€”all set in fully recreated WWE arenas. It is game-play styled, fluid animation, strategic depth; many moves and techniques are available to a player to outplay their opponents.

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My Career is a mode in which players can create and develop a custom wrestler, guiding them from the ranks of NXT all the way to WWE’s main roster, with the pinnacle of becoming a WWE Champion. Road to Glory: An online, multiplayer game mode in which players compete in order to qualify for events coinciding with actual WWE pay-per-views.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Overview

Graphics and Presentation: WWE 2K18 really takes a big leap over its predecessors when it comes to graphics and presentation. Character models really seem to have reached that degree of realism, right from the skin and faces to even body movements, which are realistic.

Effects like lighting, shadows, and the like enhance realism within the arenas, while the crowd animations make the whole environment more alive and appealing. The authenticity factor rises even further with a fully broadcast-styled presentation and commentary by WWE announcers.

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Gameplay Mechanics: The gameplay mechanics of WWE 2K18 balances out the accessibility factor with realism. The new carry system is going to empower players by allowing them to pick up and position their opponents in various holds to add an element of strategy into the matches.

The grapple system is fine-tuned in order to be more responsive in controls, and the reversal system is retuned for fairness and challenging experiences. This game also features a powerful creation suite for players to devise their own wrestlers, entrances, arenas, and championships.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Modes:

Match: Playing multiple match types can be in singles, tag team, triple threat, fatal four-way, etc. All kinds of match types are customizable in different rules and stipulations.

MyCareer: A mode that lets you be a player wrestler and go through a WWE career. Players make choices in the story that will alter the alliances and rivalries of their wrestler.

UNIVERSE MODE: Create and run your WWE shows, rivalries, and pay-per-view events with very high levels of flexibility and infinite replay ability.

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Road to Glory: An online mode pitting you against the world to qualify for in-game events and to win awards.

Create Modes: These include Create-a-Superstar, Create-an-Arena, Create-a-Show, and Create-a-Championship, offering extensive customization options.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game Features

Roster: Among the biggest in the history of the franchise, WWE 2K18’s roster can be selected from a variety of current WWE Superstars, Legends, and up-and-comers from NXT. With such a wide selection of stars, this opens so many windows of opportunity for dream matches and combinations, which will certainly add to the replay value of this game.

Improved Graphics Engine: The game developers implemented a new graphics engine to give even more visual fidelity and smooth animations. With enhanced graphics, the game brings to life an enhanced realistic and immersive experience with in-depth character models, dynamic lighting, and high-quality textures.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Full Version Game 100% Working

Brand New Commentary Team: WWE 2K18 comes with a brand new commentary team featuring Michael Cole, Byron Saxton, and Corey Graves. Interactive and dynamic, the commentary provides insights and reactions to heighten the drama that is being played out inside the ring.

MyCareer Improvements: MyCareer has been given more depth and engagement. The backstage area is full of life, with the players roaming around talking to fellow WWE Superstars, making key decisions that will have an impact on their future. The mode will also include voiceovers and cutscenes for a more narrative experience.

Enhancements to Universe Mode: An improved Universe Mode featuring new rivalry types and rivalry breakups, giving players a fully executable and controllable WWE show of their own creation. That and more additions to customization offer more control of match cards, rivals, and championship bouts, all in a WWE sandbox.

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Road to Glory: In an online mode, multiplayer play under Road to Glory puts your created player against others, resulting in paying rewards and qualification for getting a pay-per-view event. A Road to Glory is designed to keep the game fresh, competitive, and skill-based.

Creation Suite & More Creative Input: WWE 2K18 allows for more creation options than ever before. Create your superstars with just a handful of moves, entrances, and clothing. You even get to design your own arenas and shows, with the introduction of championships.

WWE 2K18 Pre-Installed Repack PC Game System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (64-Bit)
  • Processor: Intel Core i5-3550 / AMD FX 8150
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: GeForce GTX 670 / Radeon HD 7850
  • Direct X: Version 11
  • Storage: 50 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card

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